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Paragon Advisors is a true energy advocate helping large power and natural gas users develop comprehensive energy cost management strategies.

We provide critical insight and market intelligence that allows our clients to comprehensively understand their energy cost structure and develop actionable strategies to manage all elements of their energy expense. Successful energy cost management is not a static endeavor but requires long-term focus coupled with frequent short-term action. Today’s energy economics are complex and change rapidly. Truly understanding the impact of these changes and actively managing them, for both utility distribution and supply, is key to maximizing bottom line performance.

Our Services

Risk Management

Paragon Advisors constantly monitors the state of the electric market and clearly...
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Operational Intelligence

Paragon Advisors conducts a comprehensive review of your current and historical consumption...
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Strategic Supply Hedging

Paragon Advisors works specifically with each client to develop a custom set of objectives and...
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Execution & Monitoring

Paragon Advisors monitors your future electric bills to ensure contract compliance...
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